Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Graced by Grit

I recently started as an Influencer for a new brand that I discovered. I'm not sure how I came across them, probably one of those sponsored Facebook ads. Those things are eerily accurate to your interests. (Yeah, yeah, I know exactly how they work. I've created my own PPC Facebook ad campaigns...back when I worked full-time and pretended to be super driven by all things business-y.)

So, Graced by Grit is a women's active wear clothing line. No matter what you're into, there's something for you. Tennis skirt, golf skirt, leggings for land and sea, seriously! There's a pair of leggings lovely referred to as the BICO legging. It stands for Baby It's Cold Outside, and they are fleece lined. Tell me my friends up north (We The North!) wouldn't love to have them some cold weather leggings. There are workout shorts that are the first pair I have never chaffed in, tanks that highlight the best parts of your upper body, and did I mention you can wear it all in the water?

Unlike some other brands, Graced by Grit offers size XXS for girls. You don't have to visit another store, a different website, or have the fight with your little one that they can't wear exactly what you have. It can be a family affair. Plus, everything is UPF 50+ so you're protected wherever you go. It's all made right here in the USA, with the best Italian fabrics. Believe me, it's good. And with my Influencer code, you can get 20%. Even better, right?

Friday, April 15, 2016

Post Workout Smoothie

I started back in the gym in December. I had no intentions of starting the same regimen I used to follow (six days per week that included lifting, running, and yoga - some days were all three). I just wanted to start feeling better again since I was starting to feel bad about not doing much of anything. My at-home workouts weren't cutting it and let's be honest, I wanted to get out of the house a little bit. I love my kids, but being a stay at home mom has its way of making you feel like a shut in.

The current four day per week schedule I follow now is more than enough. I workout hard for 45 minutes to an hour and half depending on the day. I lift and do cardio at the gym. Some weeks I add in a yoga class of my own. A few days every week I do 15-60 minutes of yoga at home. Each week I teach a minimum of three classes, which is not the same as taking a class, but I do get to do a few extra sun salutations and warriors that I normally wouldn't do.

Just recently I made the decision to start watching what I eat a lot more closely than I had been. I've tried to eat well these last few years, but it has been a little bit of a rollercoaster with two babies and a whole lot of changes. The last month saw a change in my shopping list and I can already feel the difference these last few weeks have made.

Nutrition makes the changes from your workouts so much more noticeable, so much more quickly. It aids performance; your strength and endurance are affected by the foods you eat. Sometimes even more importantly it helps your body recover after a tough workout.

On Fridays I usually do a full body routine. Today I spent 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, straight into some cable pulls for my triceps and lats, then to the battle rope, punching bag, monkey bars, weighted balls, and a few dynamic moves. I really felt depleted today and needed something as a pick-me-up when I got home.

This smoothie has so much good stuff in it. It's a little ridiculous. Ingredients:

Avocoado (organic) - fat, protein, carbs, potassium
Simple Truth Greek Nonfat Yogurt - protein, and don't forget those live cultures (probiotics)
Silk PureAlmond Unsweetened Original Milk - protein, fat, carbs
Banana (organic) - potassium, carbs, fiber
Strawberries (organic) - vitamin C
RawGreen Organics Vegan Protein Powder - iron, magnesium, potassium, protein, omega 3, 6 and 9
plus a spoonful of real maple syrup and a splash of organic red tart cherry juice!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

9 Books to Get Started

It's been a few years since I started watching what I ate, paying attention to the products I buy, and looking at my lifestyle in a completely different way. I don't think I can pinpoint the exact moment it happened. I doubt I could come up with multiple occurrences that led me to start doing all of this. It just sort of become the norm over time. Boring, I know. Sorry I don't have a sob story or a crazy revelation for you.

There are those like Food Babe who honestly scare the crap out of me sometimes. Then there's Jessica Alba who started Honest and Honest Beauty products. Her book, The Honest Life, helped me identify certain things I no longer wanted in my life. Like household cleaners that could kill me and my family. But let's be sure to keep them at floor level so everyone can get into them. She didn't scare me out of things. Just gave me a different view.

Then there's The Gratitude Diaries that sort of just changed how I wanted to do life in general. Everything about the book made me happy. It's loaded with research about how practicing gratitude can completely change your life. If you haven't read this, you need to. I've talked about it before and I'll keep telling everyone I know about it.

Since becoming a mom, I've gotten a little more strict about what I eat and I for sure pay more attention to what goes into my kids' bodies. Healthy Child Healthy World is another one I picked up after reading The Honest Life. After ordering from The Honest Company many times, I added this on to one of my bundles. I haven't finished it yet, but its mix of tips, explanations, DIY projects, recommendations, and real parent pieces intertwined has me reading sections over and over again so that I can really understand what's going on.

Then there's Aim True by Kathryn Budig. She's a pretty well-known (and respected) name in the yoga community. This book was recently published and has yoga sequences, recipes, meditation, and homeopathic self-care and beauty recipes. I want.

New release Wellth from mindbodygreen founder is especially cool. If you don't read mindbodygreen, you should. Who doesn't love a book with a description like this: Eat. Move. Work. Believe. Explore. Breathe. Connect. Love. Heal. Thank. Ground. Live. Laugh.

Then there's the barrage of cute celebrity books that just have me interested because of who wrote them. Cameron Diaz somehow defies aging. Kate Hudson, too. What do these two do to look like they're frozen in time? The Body Book, The Longevity Book, and Pretty Happy are on my list of must-reads.

Of course I have to throw in The Magnolia Story. It's not available until October, but you can preorder it already. These two are hysterical. They seem so down to earth - as I'm sure the Kardashians seemed at one point. Honestly, I don't think Chip and Joanna could be Kardashian-esque even if they tried. I'd love the read a little more into their lives. By the time you make it to HGTV you've got it figured out. Apparently these two have some ups and downs to share. Also, why Magnolia?

Just a little inspiration to set me (and maybe you) on your way to living a more wholistic lifestyle. That's all you need sometimes, a little inspiration. I think continually studying and learning about the things you're interested in breeds passion.

Part of this is what led me to quit my full-time office job one year ago. I was doing some personal training during my lunch hour and I wanted to focus on that more. I was teaching yoga here and there, but not as much as I wanted. Time was limited. I wanted to practice more, teach more, and live a healthier lifestyle. A (very small) part of me wanted to quit so I could start going to the gym more often. I've done that! Deciding to start sharing what I'm learning and loving on this blog has be excited to write again. It's the little things that help get you started.


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