Thursday, July 21, 2016

Too Much

I started doing a few different things in the last couple weeks.

It started with some travel. We were gone, off our routine, trying to fit in all the things we do on a daily basis without the comforts of daily life to help keep that up. I can't remember the last time our kids actually went to bed at their bedtime. Yet, they still wake up before 8:00!

We didn't make it into the gym on a regular basis. A few at-home workouts here, a quick trip to the gym there, a lot of skipping it completely all around. It hasn't felt the best. My body starts to feel tired and incapable. I'm not as focused on all of these new things I've chosen to do. I added these to my plate though. My choice.

Matt is back in the office for longer days. He's on the phone even more than he used to be. I highly doubt we will get one day at home each week anymore. Recruiting for next season is in full force and his phone is attached to his face.

I started doing a few different things in the last couple weeks.

I now work part-time for a start up company called ChoreMonster. It's an app for kids and parents to connect through technology to get things done around the house. Things like chores! I go into the office once a week, work from home the rest. I still write tweets and craft the weekly internal newsletter for a marketing agency that serves small businesses. I still teach yoga five times every week, sometimes more if subs are needed. Now, I'm writing product descriptions for a local candy company. I can work as much or as little as I want. More work means more money, so here I am writing away.

I also spend the majority of this work time at home with a three year old and a one year old. They aren't exactly self-sufficient. I'll be out of the weeds soon. I think.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Turn Down For What

We have the strangest conversations with our family. I'm sure each of us has found ourselves asking something like, "What would you do with 465 million dollars?" or "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?" Then you have me, asking Matt, "If you were super famous and had the kind of clout that you were approached by brands to be their spokesperson, which ones would you turn down?"

This is obviously conditional: you're super famous, you have money enough already, you have moral standards, you actually firmly believe in certain things.

This is not: you're middle class being offered millions that will change your life and you would do anything just to be famous and rich.

I think about these things sometimes. It passes the time. My initial response was that I would turn down McDonald's because this. Falling in line would be Taco Hell, Burger Death and Wendy's. I just like food. Real food. Things like raspberries (which I ate at 1:00 a.m. the other night) and plantains (which I made for breakfast with a little cinnamon, delicious). I don't like finding remains in my food. I don't like knowing what it's injected with. Send me studies, I'm okay with you refuting my thoughts. But that's what they are, thoughts. Researched lightly or heavily, I'm making my own decisions here.

I would also turn down Coca-Cola, Pepsi and the like. I don't drink coke/pop/soda/soda pop. I would not be comfortable promoting something that I'm not interested in.

Matt found it tough to determine where he would draw the line. He's okay with the aforementioned fast food from time to time. I had to offer some thoughts of my own for his answers (because I also think about what my husband might say to my ludicrous inner psyche questions).

He could easily turn down some clothing companies. You'll never find Matt in a pair of skinny jeans. You'll never see him in a skin tight shirt. Sorry, but H&M loses out to him. We would never make money off some really stylish, high-class men's designer because Matt would not fit into or feel comfortable in their clothing. I'm just hoping John Varvatos and Matt can figure something out.

If you were in a position to be able to turn down something, what would you say 'no way' too?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Graced by Grit

I recently started as an Influencer for a new brand that I discovered. I'm not sure how I came across them, probably one of those sponsored Facebook ads. Those things are eerily accurate to your interests. (Yeah, yeah, I know exactly how they work. I've created my own PPC Facebook ad campaigns...back when I worked full-time and pretended to be super driven by all things business-y.)

So, Graced by Grit is a women's active wear clothing line. No matter what you're into, there's something for you. Tennis skirt, golf skirt, leggings for land and sea, seriously! There's a pair of leggings lovely referred to as the BICO legging. It stands for Baby It's Cold Outside, and they are fleece lined. Tell me my friends up north (We The North!) wouldn't love to have them some cold weather leggings. There are workout shorts that are the first pair I have never chaffed in, tanks that highlight the best parts of your upper body, and did I mention you can wear it all in the water?

Unlike some other brands, Graced by Grit offers size XXS for girls. You don't have to visit another store, a different website, or have the fight with your little one that they can't wear exactly what you have. It can be a family affair. Plus, everything is UPF 50+ so you're protected wherever you go. It's all made right here in the USA, with the best Italian fabrics. Believe me, it's good. And with my Influencer code, you can get 20%. Even better, right?


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